Everything might not be ok

“I really think there’s a lot of potential here.” 

I perked up at the comment from the director of our production house as we chatted about Mixed over coffee. His tone, so sincere and convincing,...

Don't Quit.

My apartment has become a mini warehouse—hundreds of boxes have taken over the space where my coffee table belongs and racks of clothing line the living room.

On the Edge

So often the conversation about mixedness is about the burden of not fitting in. But in the discomfort of nonconformity there is...

BTS of our S21 Collection: Emerge


Mixed’s debut apparel collection, Emerge, is here. 

It’s hard to believe that the collection started out with just a few rough sketches. With the initial design concepts in...

We’re not half, halfies, or hapas

We’re not a quarter or three-fourths or any other arbitrary fraction of our identities.