Live loud in your tensions. 

Our Studio

Mixed is a New York City-based textile studio and fashion brand designing bold printwear that celebrates mixed identities. Bringing an inclusive approach to fashion and design, we’re committed to creating statement pieces that feel within reach while also inspiring you to add bold accent prints to your everyday look. Here’s a little look into our process:

Every Mixed textile begins as a hand-drawn, original print. We design our prints using vibrant colors, rich textures and nature-inspired forms.

Sustainable Production
We use digital textile printing to produce our fabrics in order to eliminate the excessive water pollution and usage of chemical dyes associated with traditional textile dyeing processes. Using digital printing technology allows us to print on demand, using exact amounts of ink, which reduces waste while also achieving high quality print detail and color production.

Ethical Manufacturing
Mixed products are ethically manufactured right here in our home base of New York City!


Nasrin Jafari

 Hi, I’m Nasrin Jafari—founder & designer of Mixed. As a Japanese-Iranian daughter of immigrants, I live with tension—culturally, creatively and professionally. I don’t fit neatly into any single culture, career or place, so I work to hold my many identities at once, in harmony. 

You can see my mixedness in my work as a fashion and textile designer—my style takes on the clean forms and minimal aesthetic of Japanese design, while embodying the vivacious colors and richness of Iranian culture. The result? A bold, vibrant, and unique apparel brand that makes you feel seen.

I founded Mixed to design a home for unique identities, to celebrate your mixedness, and to inspire you to live loud in your tensions.