We take so much pride and pleasure working with our manufacturing partners—as an emerging brand, much of our success can be attributed to the strength and transparency of our factory relationships. We work with a family owned factory based between NYC and New Delhi that:

  • follows ethical labor practices and pays a living wage
  • utilizes solar energy &  LED lighting
  • recycles and reuses water
  • cuts energy consumption through use of indoor elevated line dry systems 

We visit our factory several times a year and work on-site along side our incredible production team to ensure that our manufacturing process remains up to standard.


We create limited-edition collections four times a year. We don't follow trends, we are taste-makers who design timeless, high quality, and long lasting pieces. To minimize waste and overproduction, we offer pre-orders and only restock pieces with high demand, based on your purchases. This limited production practice keeps us from overproducing and maintains the value of each piece.