We take pride in working with our manufacturing partners—as an emerging brand, much of our success can be attributed to the strength and transparency of our factory relationship. We work with a family owned factory based between NYC and New Delhi, which we visit and work on-site several times a year.

Below is a Q&A with our factory director to provide transparency into our production process. We hope this helps you feel confident that your Mixed pieces are made with integrity!: 


When did you you start your factory?

How many people work at your factory?
On average, approx 500

Can you tell me about how you practice sustainability?
We have a solar panels on our roof. All of the lighting throughout the factory was replaced with LED fixtures to reduce power consumption & carbon footprint. We recently purchased new washing machines, which consume a fraction of the water that our previous machines used. We also have a line dry system to dry garments instead of tumble drying them, to again reduce power consumption and the carbon associated with it. We generally make annual investments in machinery and technology to reduce energy consumption, save resources and reduce our waste products. 

Can you tell me about your labor practices?
Our labor practices adhere to the standards set by both the Govt of India and International organizations that audit our company on a regular basis. We provide a safe working environment, wages both as regulated by the state authorities as well as by the competitive marketplace for skilled workers, bonuses, healthcare, pensions and free and open forums for workers to have any grievances addressed.

What brands have you worked with?
LVMH, Muji, Street One, Cecil, Journal Standard, IENA, United Arrows are a few of the many brands we have worked with over the years.

Do you work with fast fashion brands?
We presently do not work with any fast fashion brands. The nature of their business does not align with our organization. 

How do you work with all these different brands across different products?
We pride ourselves on understanding each customer’s intrinsic needs and developing a manufacturing system that caters to those requirements. We provide transparency and service to our customers and create partnerships for win win relationships that are not dependent on the lowest price point. Our customers then trust us with the variety of their product mix because they know we will take care of their business.

On average, how long do your employees work with you?
We have employees that are with us from day one, over 30 years. Our key management staff is over 20 years.

What do you enjoy most about running your factory? What’s the most challenging aspect of running a factory?
Everyday is a new day in this business and yesterday’s challenges, while rhyming, do not repeat. It’s important to continue improving and learning about new systems, machinery, technology to remain relevant in today’s marketplace. The best part, of course, is the people, both within our organization as well as our clients and seeing our products being enjoyed by consumers across the globe.

Why did you take a chance on me and Mixed?
We had a “feeling” that this was going to be a successful project where we could make a difference in helping establish a great niche brand.



We create limited-edition collections four times a year. We don't follow trends, we are taste-makers who design timeless, high quality, and long lasting pieces. To minimize waste and overproduction, we offer pre-orders and only restock pieces with high demand, based on your purchases. This limited production practice keeps us from overproducing and maintains the value of each piece.