When a piece of you goes unseen

When a piece of you goes unseen for a long time, you can forget that it’s a part of you.

Staying too long in a particular place—whether that be a relationship, a job, a friendship, a city—where only certain parts of you are seen, you lose connection to the other pieces of your identity. It's easy to buy into those limiting narratives. 

And so, we need to constantly work to breathe life into our multitudes. That means putting ourselves in new spaces, experimenting with looks, spending time with different people, inviting discomfort and discovering ourselves in full color.

We are natural shapeshifters—changing forms and features in response to our environments. In this dance, we expand and detract, surprising ourselves in the process and re-shaping the contours of our identity.

Experiencing the fluidity of your identity allows you to hold onto that knowing wherever you go. That way, if a piece of you goes unseen for a long time, you can still see yourself. And in seeing yourself, you can nurture that strayed piece of you back to life. 

Because it was never really gone. Only dormant for a while until you were ready to find your way back. 
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