Taking a leap

The first time you take a leap—quitting a job, sharing your art, leaving a relationship—you expect to feel afraid. Going from 0 to 1 is an anticipated step that anyone who’s thinking about taking a risk knows they have to take.

What we talk less about are the leaps that come after: going from 1 to 10. Or 10 to 100.

Subsequent leaps are a completely different game. You now have something to lose. You could stay where you are or you could reach for something more.

The initial leap is the equivalent of “just do it”—try, flail, run at it with everything you’ve got. Subsequent leaps require you to refine, sharpen, and improve upon what you’ve built. But it isn’t simply about multiplying your efforts, you actually have to adjust what you believe to be possible.

You were probably able to visualize—at least make out the broad strokes—of what it would look like to leap from 0 to 1. But 1 to 10? 10 to 100? The world that awaits on the other side of those leaps is much harder to visualize because a.) you never thought you’d even get to the point to entertain that possibility or b.) you didn’t even know it existed. So the playbook you followed up until that point doesn’t quite work any more, you have to come up with a completely new playbook and take on a whole new kind of risk.

We talk often about the 0 to 1 leap. But less so about what comes after. It’s the difference between beginners luck and becoming an expert.

When I first started Mixed, I leapt from 0 to 1. Now I’m preparing to leap from 1 to 10.

I’m excited to share what this next journey looks like.

And for anyone else taking a leap out there—I'm cheering for you.
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