Print of the week!

When you eat a mango, you have to commit. You have to surrender to the sticky, sweet juice that trickles down your fingers and the stringy pulp that gets stuck in between your teeth. You have to savor every bite of golden, candied goodness and scrape off every last bit of sweet flesh from the pit. When you eat a mango, the world rests for a moment. Your senses are overcome by sun-kissed sugars and warm colors that transport you to a carefree summer day. 

I love designing prints that spark emotions and bring back memories. Every time I look at this print, I smile and feel a sense of warmth and calm wash over me. I’m reminded of the time I picked fresh mangoes off trees in the Caribbean and the way my mom prepared mangoes for me when I was younger: with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of tajin.

I designed this print to capture these bright, beautiful moments. The warm colors exude the light, sunny essence of summer while the plump mangoes offer a feeling of abundance. I like my prints to be visually refreshing so I painted a gradient that takes your eyes on an adventure from hot reds to warm greens—the textured brush strokes almost make you want to reach out and touch one of these mangoes for yourself! 

Now when it comes to wearing prints, I don’t want to play it safe. Small, grid-like prints are boring—you see them everywhere and from far away, you can’t even make out the print! What’s the point? But this mango print is big and bold, you can instantly make out these golden babies from a mile away. And best of all, the composition is varied, yet balanced—there’s no predictable repeat or grid-like structure, giving the print a more natural, organic and wild feel. 

There’s a story behind every Mixed print. While my personal stories inspire the designs, your stories bring them to life when you wear them. 

Obsessed with this print as much as I am? I’d love to hear what feelings it sparked in you!

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