Our debut apparel collection

Alright, so… it’s happening. Mixed is coming out with an apparel collection in 2021...and I am SO excited!

Do you know how clothes are made? There’s a lot of work and creative direction that goes into the clothes we wear, but many of us are completely removed from the process. We want to change that.

On the road to Mixed’s 2021 debut collection, you’ll be invited into the creative process of how our clothes are made. We’re going to show you where we’re drawing inspiration for each piece, how we’re designing our prints, what fabrics we’re using, and how we’re constructing each garment.

We want your relationship with clothes to be intimate and informed. We want you to proudly wear Mixed, knowing the labor of love and design that went into creating each piece. And with insight into our creative process, we think our clothes will feel that much more special in your closet. So whether you’re  someone who loves to wear beautiful, eye-catching outfits or an aspiring fashion designer who wants to learn more about the industry, we hope that this peek into our journey will be illuminating, exciting, and inspiring.

Thank you so much for following and supporting Mixed so far. We hope you’ll continue to join us on this wild adventure over the next 6 months as we share more about how we’re designing, developing and producing our debut clothing line. 

Stay tuned!

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