Our apparel collection is on the way!

There are some clothes you reach for everyday, and then there are pieces that you wear when you want to feel and look your very best—that’s where Mixed comes in.

Set to launch in the spring/summer of 2021, our debut clothing line will feature statement pieces from our signature prints, cut to fit beautifully, with finishes that’ll make the creative in you feel ready to take on the world.
Our debut collection will embody the very essence of our brand: a pure celebration of mixed identities. 

We’ve been obsessing over every single detail of the production process. Seriously. Let me give you a little glimpse into our journey so far: 

Our collection began as a series of rough garment sketches. I had to get what I was envisioning in my head, down onto paper, so that I could share my vision with Mixed’s pattern-maker, Sasha Walsh. After drawing out the sketches, I was able to talk them through with Sasha—she knew how to ask the right questions to bring each piece to life. 

With a thorough understanding of each design, Sasha began to draft the patterns, or blueprints, for each garment. She measured meticulously, drafting panels several times before settling on just the right fit. She made miniature versions and tested her samples on fit models to make sure each pattern piece was constructed perfectly.

Fabric shopping and Manufacturing
Meanwhile, I was out shopping for fabrics, trims (zippers, buttons etc) and manufactures. I ran around NYC’s garment district, rummaging through the seemingly endless rolls of fabric in each store. I ran hundreds of textiles between my fingers until I rubbed my skin raw. I scoured google, called and emailed manufacturers until finally settling on a NY-LA based boutique manufacturing company. 

After drafting the patterns for each garment, Sasha began to cut and sew our initial samples. But as she got to work, she realized that she had to alter some of the patterns to achieve just the right fit and drape. Using a method called slash-and-spread, she looked at the test garment on her fit model and found draglines at the armpit. (Drag lines are wrinkles that show you what's wrong with the fit, and gives you a hint as to how to fix it.) In this case, she knew the lines were caused by too shallow an armhole. So she dropped the armhole on the bodice and adjusted the sleeve cap. Finding the right fit is crucial in the sample making process—the difference of a few inches can really make or break a garment.

While Sasha continued to develop our sample prototypes, I began putting together a tech pack for every garment in our collection. A tech pack is essentially a detailed manual that serves as the manufacturing guide for each piece of clothing. In it, I had to include technical drawings (or “flats”) of every garment, specify thread colors, button placements, fabrications...you get the idea. 

Now we’re getting ready to finalize our samples before officially handing them off to our manufacturer to cut and sew our complete collection. It has been an incredible experience to design this clothing line, but it doesn’t feel totally real to me yet. I just can’t wait to hold each piece in my hands—I hope you’re just as excited as I am to #wearmixed in 2021!

Cheers to the road ahead!

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