Ok...let's address the tension.

Being Mixed means living with tension (culturally, creatively, professionally etc.) Your identity pulls you in different directions, making you feel like you have to be either or, choose this culture or that career. 

We feel that tension in our identity, but that’s not where the tension exists. 

The tension lives somewhere deeper. It’s born out of our desire to be accepted and in community. So being mixed isn’t the tension. Our fear of rejection is the tension. 

Embracing your mixedness is an act of vulnerability. It’s showing people who you are, in all your messiness and contradictions. And some people won’t get it. But others will. And those relationships can be transformative.

Fewer, deeper connections can help us feel more in community (think depth, not breadth)

So start small. Find one person who will give you the freedom to live loud in your tensions. It’s time we realize the absolute beauty and power of being Mixed.

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