Glow the f*ck up!

I know the last couple newsletters have felt like a bit of a trudge. Here’s one of a different pace:

It’s about glowing the fuck up, which seems like a timely topic as we approach the new year.

What’s a glow up, you ask?

It’s putting concerted and thoughtful effort into becoming the person you dream to be. Whether that has to do with what you do, how you look, who you date, what you wear—it’s about making changes to courageously become the person you envision but secretly thought was never within your reach.

And that last bit is important. Because so many of us, myself included, are so attached to who we’ve been, who we’ve resigned ourselves to be.

Oh I don’t wear color. No, that person’s not my type. I’d never pursue a career in xyz.

We’re so sure of ourselves. And much too early. We define ourselves by ideas and styles that are largely not our own, but that have been placed upon us by family, social media, our upbringing, school or hometown. It's easier to accept those narratives—to contain our identities in neat little boxes that never make us, or the people around us, uncomfortable, afraid or threatened.

But we know that transformation requires all those things—discomfort, fear, tension. At some point, you have to embrace these wily feelings and leap!

I’m doing some things to change my looks. I've had phone calls about this for hours with friends, each of us reveling in the vision of who we could be and feeling oddly relieved to be able to share these thoughts with someone else. We need to normalize the glow up, especially the parts that feel superficial or embarrassing (because let's face it, those are the most fun!)

I'll go first.

I’m whitening and straightening my teeth. I’m going to start wearing (even) bolder clothes and statement shoes. I'm buying proper makeup. I’m finding a signature scent. I’m doing the deeper work, too. I’m learning to see myself as an artist. I’m introducing myself as a designer. I’m embracing fashion. And all these pieces go hand in hand.

These are huge shifts for me—changes that allow me to see myself in a new, more sparkly light.

So here's to the glow up—yours and mine. May we make that space for each other and ourselves. Because it is so in line with the ethos of Mixed—to be seen in full color.

Sending big hugs as we leap into the new year!

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