Give yourself permission

This week I sifted through old archives of photos stored on half broken laptops to recall the things I wore 6, 7, 8 years ago: black long sleeved scoop neck tops, olive skinny jeans, knitted cardigans, $12 running shoes from the K-mart on Astor pl.

Nothing I would wear today.

Our style is a visual story of our journeys through different stages of life—it tracks our changing tastes, values, interests, dreams, and buying power.

I remember when I started paying more attention to my personal style. It was actually before I’d ever even thought about Mixed. I had recently quit my job as a teacher and decided to teach myself design. I started paying more attention to the aesthetics I was naturally pulled towards, and more importantly, why. I found myself immediately attracted to colors and prints—something I never specifically realized before. 

And it made sense. I grew up around bold colors and patterns reflected in kimonos, Persian rugs, origami paper, and Persian termeh tablecloths. I also really valued standing out and didn't shy away from being seen. Our aesthetic comes from a deeply personal place, whether that be rooted in your culture, upbringing, aspirations, or values. And learning how to articulate the why—putting words to your visual taste—is an important step towards understanding your style and a jumping off point to continue developing it.

Today I’m drawn towards pointed toe shoes, metallic silver, sharp silhouettes, tulle, mesh, jumpsuits, harnesses, bodysuits. And I think all these design choices track with my journey at the moment as I really step into the confidence of being the designer and founder of Mixed. I’m seeing myself in a new light, feeling bolder than ever before, and not seeking external validation. 

We begin to pay more attention to our style when we’re in a high growth and self discovery era—when we’re trying to carve out a new space for ourselves and ask: who am I becoming? As I creep up on a decade of living in NYC, I’ve been having these weirdly meta moments where I realize I’m becoming that woman I’d always kind of dreamed about but never really believed was possible to attain. It’s pretty fucking cool.

Our style is a visual diary, it tracks our growth, interests, and dreams over time. It’s not only a window into who we are, but a signal that we are uniquely attune to who we want to become. 

Curating your style isn’t about vanity. It's not about following a trend, or even necessarily about making a statement. It’s about giving yourself the permission to discover a new you and gaining the confidence to create that person into reality.
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