Get ready for post-pandemic fashion

I’m sitting in the park, giant cookie in hand, observing the clothes that pass by. I see a lot of solid colors—particularly black and white (classic NY)—and simple, functional basics. The occasional print makes an appearance, but none that I really love. 

In the last few years, we’ve indulged in minimal, modern styles. Not just in our closets, but in our homes and local coffee shops too. The popularity of Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up pointed to the fact that we needed to clear out and clean up the clutter in our lives once and for all. Minimalism wasn’t simply a style, it was a state of mind. 

But I think our tastes are starting to change.

Over the last months, we’ve been cooped up, wearing the same lounge clothes for days. All this time indoors has renewed our excitement for getting dressed and going out, and we’re going to start seeing fashion change with it. There’s charm to beaded tassels and ruffled skirts. There’s excitement in a pop of magenta. There’s something that feels fresh about wearing a vibrant, colorful piece of clothing that catches people’s attention in a sea of black and white. 

The other day, I posted on Instagram asking the Mixed community if they wear prints. Almost every woman who commented on the post shared that though they sometimes wear prints, they don’t feel bold or brave enough to wear them all the time. Some people are trying to work more prints and colors into their closets (like me), but all of us felt a certain degree of risk with wearing clothing that makes us stand out.

But I think that risk is exciting. 

Many of the clothing brands that have gained popularity in the last few years offer a nice and clean, but ultimately safe array of styles. Take Everlane, for example: their pieces are simple staples that you can throw on any day, but they’re not pieces that you’d be particularly excited to show off. Everlane makes you feel comfortable. Wearing their clothes won’t make you stand out, so their clothes don’t feel like much of a risk. But what if taking a risk with your clothing means more than making a fashion statement? 

I know that it can feel a little scary to attract attention when you’re walking down the street, but I want to push you to embrace that risk and find the courage to show yourself off, not for compliments, but for your own self-confidence and self-discovery. When you begin to really curate your own style, you’ll discover so much about yourself in the process. You’ll find yourself attracted to certain cuts, colors, and prints and when you do, ask yourself, why? You’ll discover that your aesthetic comes from a deeply personal place, whether that be rooted in your culture, profession, or values. Making a fashion statement isn’t about starting an outrageous trend or making a statement on social media, it’s about giving yourself the permission to discover your own style and gaining the confidence to express it. 

Mixed designs pieces that, in all honesty, are a little risky to wear. The prints are bold, colorful, and vibrant. They’re not your typical floral, striped, or animal prints. Each pattern makes a statement, and when you wear Mixed, you’re making a statement too. 

We’re facing a unique moment today—staying indoors for so many months has renewed our appreciation for going out. We’ve sat in comfortable clothes for too long and let’s face it, we already have enough basics. 

Now’s the time to take a risk. Make a statement. Wear a print.
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