Allow me to reintroduce myself :-)

We've grown so much this year, so here's a little re-introduction for anyone who's recently joined the mix!

Hi! I’m Nasrin—founder and designer of Mixed. 

The concept of my mixedness was made clear to me at a young age growing up in LA with a Japanese mom and Iranian dad. People would learn my name then look at my face and couldn’t quite put a finger on who I was. I liked that.

I’ve always been pulled in many different directions—at various points in my life, I thought I might become a dancer, a politician, a founder of some kind. Before founding Mixed, I was a 7th grade Humanities teacher. My dream was to start a school. I never imagined I would create a fashion brand, but looking back, this shift doesn’t seem as left field to me as it might look on the surface. I went into education because I have a relentless passion for learning and growing with other people—I break this down to three key words: think, feel, and do. Now I get to do this with Mixed—by creating this brand, we can think, feel and do in full color, together. My mission and passion have remained the same, but the vehicle and medium has changed. 

I launched Mixed’s debut collection in the summer of 2021. Every collection begins with a series of hand drawn prints—I love bold, saturated colors and natural motifs. More recently I’ve been experimenting with abstract and geometric patterns, too. I’m the designer and operator of Mixed, which means I’m constantly navigating the creative and business sides of the brand, a tension I’ve found a lot of challenge, excitement, and joy in. I'm also the person who packs all your orders :-)

So often the conversation about mixedness is about the burden of not fitting in. But in the discomfort of nonconformity there is the benefit of individuality—we occupy unique spaces that push us to consistently reflect on who we are and what we value, beyond labels and appearances. 

Today I define mixedness more broadly. It’s about all those places of tension we feel within our identities—the multitudes that we’re tempted to box in, but don’t because we believe in being distinctly ourselves, even when it’s hard or uncomfortable. Especially then.

As someone who strives to live on the edge of my many identities, I founded Mixed to create a home for our multitudes and inspire our community to be seen in full color. Whether this is the first newsletter you’re reading or the 50th, thank you so much for being here. 

I can’t wait to share a sneak peek of our spring collection next Sunday. 

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